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Mobile & Tablet Friendly Imagine being able to navigate your association’s website on your mobile phone, tablet and desktop computer.  Until recently, this could only be accomplished with the addition of an expensive mobile-friendly micro site or a limited featured mobile app that your members were forced to download. 

Timberlake is proud to be the AMS Industry’s first provider to incorporate “responsive” code technology.  Every public and members-only feature is instantly accessible via your desktop computer, tablet and mobile device for TRANSFORM! clients.  This valuable feature is optional for interested GO! and PRO! clients.

How Did Timberlake Get The Site to Be So “Mobile?” Responsive Website Design is the technical term for the leading edge technology employed by Timberlake.  It automatically makes each web page instantly scale to fit whatever screen size you are using.  Furthermore, the way you navigate the site automatically changes from mouse on the desktop computer, to finger swipe on a tablet to drop down menus on phones. 

Based on the device you are using, the browser width automatically “responds” to the device size and automatically displays the page content to work successfully.  Fonts are resized, data columns are relocated, and all image sizes are scaled to make your association’s site look like it was built exactly for the desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone accessing it!