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Services Implementation:  The Best Membership Solution Can Be In The Approach You TakeThere is an art and science to successful project management for membership management software. Our experience will ensure that there is a straight-forward implementation process.

Our team will coordinate with you to provide the following services:

A Note About Data ConversionThe first stage of data migration is data mapping and classification. It is important to know how and where data is to be stored in Timberlake’s Member Manager AMS. Existing reports utilizing the data must also be considered. Data classification also describes conditions for access by the public, members and staff. Next, migration requirements are determined. Beyond requirements of what must be migrated, Timberlake will also review how much downtime is acceptable, and how much budget is available if custom import and migration processes need to be developed? Finally, will any historical data need to be included in the migration?

Timberlake’ Data Migration is Composed of Several Steps: To successfully use and integrate the Timberlake membership software into your association’s daily routine, all of your staff should be comfortable with features and able to successfully access them. This requires a series of one-on-one webinar-based training sessions that are provided before the software is launched.

One of the most critical outcomes of the initial consulting phase is a standardized set of documents to be completed by your association staff. The responses on these documents will outline the requirements and the architecture of the solution. This kind of attention to detail in our planning ensures that once implementation begins, it can proceed smoothly. In our experience, this is a critical point of differentiation between Timberlake and many other companies in our market segment.