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About Timberlake

Membership Software Made Simple
From association management software to website content management systems, we create, deliver and support software solutions and services that make it easier for small staffed associations to manage their day-to-day business functions.   Our sole purpose is to provide dependable support and services to small-staffed associations. 

From comprehensive event registration tools to the full-featured web-based membership portal, Timberlake’s membership software serves as the backbone for the core business functions of small staffed associations. We are dedicated to helping our clients streamline the many aspects of their membership management, financials and e-commerce, event registration, committees, continuing education, directories, website, reporting and more. 

Timberlake was founded in 1999 and is guided by a respected and technically astute team. Timberlake is privately held, has enjoyed consistent growth throughout its history, and maintains a coveted reputation as an honest, agile and client-oriented organization.