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Why Timberlake
Small Staff Associations Are Our Only Focus Timberlake Specializes in One Market - Yours!
Timberlake has been supporting small-staffed associations with our Member Manager AMS and website SiteBuilder CMS software since 1999. Small-staffed associations are our sole focus in business. This has provided us with the opportunity to listen, learn and tailor our software features and great customer support to your exact needs!

One Fully-Integrated Solution We're a one-stop shop!
Work with Timberlake as your primary partner and go-to resource in technology! We provide the professional website design services, comprehensive website cms, full featured AMS and a boatload of additional features including event registration, online directory, e-newsletter, forum, blog, storefront, committee management, continuing education, and much more. Every feature is instantly connected and reports back to the member records located in Timberlake's Member Manager AMS.

Incredible Value & Features Really ... Are you Sure? -- We hear this a lot!
It's all included - we promise. Great customer support, on-going upgrades and training, plus features your staff and membership can truly benefit from. Timberlake is an agile organization always enhancing the customer experience and software feature-set.

Unlimited Personalized Support Clients First!
Timberlake's AMS solution is more than software, it's also great customer support. Timberlake's experienced support team is available via phone, email and the online support portal every business day. If you have a question, Timberlake can help provide the answer.

Professional Implementations Experience, Flexibility and Open Lines of Communication
We recognize that an AMS implementation touches just about every aspect of your association. Timberlake provides a highly consultative implementation process because no two client installations are the same. Every implementation starts with a live-person project kickoff webinar, live-person data review webinar, and at least two hours of live-person orientation webinars. PRO! and TRANSFORM! clients receive a detailed project plan outlining all steps, contingencies and areas of customization.

Outstanding Website Design First Impressions are Important
Timberlake's roots were planted firmly in the web site design business back in the 1990's and that experience and service continues today. Every Timberlake client receives the best-of-breed in web programming, with sites built in the newest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies. Once the design is completed, it is married to our easy to use, and powerful SiteBuilder website content management system. This means that you not only work with professional graphic designers to build a site design you are proud of, but once is it live, it will work flawlessly in every browser version 6.0 and newer plus tablet and mobile devices!

Perpetual Upgrades Software that is Never Out of Date
Timberlake's perpetual upgrade philosophy is a true commitment to our clients. Your association's investment in Timberlake Membership Software is for the long-term and our solution will continue to evolve and remain a market leader providing current technology and functionality. New features and enhancements add value and increase efficiency for your staff and membership without the need to pay re-licensing fees when new versions of your licensed software are released. Upgrades are included and free.

We're Dependable Proven Track Record and a Promising Future
From the top down and bottom up, every Timberlake staff person is driven and incentivized to put clients first. Any task that helps ensure customer’s success is a necessary task.

Timberlake is financially stable, privately-held and has grown every year since inception. Our sole purpose to provide dependable support and services to small-staffed associations. There are no competing requirements to satisfy multiple disparate industries or market segments with one product. Timberlake maintains focus and expertise to support small-staffed associations with consistently-strong customer service and dependable software.